Free Tools

Discover an array of Open Source projects on my GitHub profile, available for your exploration and experimentation. Feel free to delve into these projects.

Additionally, explore the tools offered on this blog, including:

  • root-exploit-pixel3 - Hide root on Pixel 3 devices with this exploit adaptation.

  • hook-updater - Seamlessly update your outdated Frida hooks with this convenient tool, ensuring optimal functionality.

Custom Tools

I offer you a wide range of specialized services in the field of Mobile Reverse Engineering. My main focus is on the creation and development of new customized tools for this process.

If you are looking for tailor-made solutions for your reverse engineering projects, you have come to the right place. With my experience and technical knowledge, I can design and build specific tools that fit your needs and goals.

Whether you need to perform app security analysis, malware analysis or solve complex problems related to reverse engineering, I can provide you with the right tools to tackle any challenge.

No matter what your level of experience in the field of reverse engineering is, I will be happy to work with you and provide you with customized solutions that fit your unique requirements.